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Thursday 21 July 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Lollies and Lithochromy

I found out this week the kids have actually got their uses, you see not only was their ageing paddling pool made use of, but those cheapo lollies buried in the back of the freezer were actually perfect to suck on in the near 40 degree heat for some much needed ray relief.

Now in hot, summery weather, the fish go off their feed. Now So you sit there, sweating, without a bite. In cold, wintry weather, the fish go off their feed. So you sit there, freezing, without a bite.

Most fish can be guaranteed to come back on feed about five minutes after you have packed up to go home.

Careful observation of the weather pays untold dividends.

Nip out after a summer shower, when the water will be cooled and oxygenated and the fish will be on the feed again. By the time you have tackled up it will be time for the next shower. You’ll get soaked.

In winter, wait for a mild spell and give it three or four days to warm the water before you go out. This will get you to the bank in time for the cold snap and the heaviest snowfall in living memory.

If you fish through a rainstorm do it under a bridge. All the fish will be there, keeping dry. 

Now talking about keeping dry these sadly leaves haven't got that problem because the extraction of the rivers are part of the course especially in these conditions,  where Sadiq Khan had been preaching his virtues and was warning his followers off having a BBQ and telling them how to keep safe in the climate crisis. 

Jesus, what would Londoners do without him !!!

To be honest I didn't have much planning for this session, it was one of those that dictated itself following the days proceedings and I really needed a fishing fix. 

The stretch of convenience was chosen mainly because I can get from door to door rather quickly, and with only a couple of hours till dusk and a spare loaf of bread, chub off the top was the plan. 

One up on the carp trolley pushers !!! my own toilet

It flows here quite well despite the levels and also it is nice to spot fish coming up to feed on the white fluffy offering.

It didn't start well to be fair with the 2nd drift down of the bread a chub took the bait with one foul swoop and a decent chevin was on. 

The problem was it picked it up at the tail end of the swim and there are reeds sticking out of the water here and it knew exactly where to go. 

Yup straight in to them !!!

So not long after the grating of the line could be felt the hook came back with a reed and not a fish on the end, Bugger !!!

Despite fishing quite a few swims though the chub were ultra cautious often seen running for cover as soon at the bread hit the surface.

Slow sinking bread caught me a few small fish and eventually a near 2lber was caught at the tail end of a snag filled swim. Still nice to see the fish in their summer colours it really is.

And that was my lots, a piece of flaked fished on the bottom at dusk produced naff all, still at least the walk back to the car was nice in my t-shirt.

Well it was 20 degrees less than 24 hours before, crazy 😶


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