Monday 4 July 2022

The River Arrow - Chubsters and Chrysoaristocracy

I'd not fished the river Arrow properly in Aggggggesssss, probably 8 years or so when I was a member on a small syndicate. I did manage some Barbel for the season that I fished it but it's just my sort of river.

Soooo much feature where one swim is shallow as you like then the next some deep holes with plenty of depth. The new club I've joined has probably the best stretch where some are easy access, some not so. 

For this short morning session I decided to go for a mooch, at the upper reaches which are only a fifteen minute drive away. I'm very lucky where I am, so much to got, almost too much, ok these smaller rivers are not for everybody, but they are my bread and butter, I love them. 

Now the Arrow is still very low and clear at the minute despite the recent rain but there are still fish to be caught. I didn't see any Barbel under my polarised sunglasses but plenty of chub. 

In-fact over the near 4 hour session I caught loads. Nearly all the swims had them in as well. Ok not huge fish but the majority seemed to be feeding one something, as they all seemed pretty plump.

I love these sort of venues and especially at this time of the year when wading through long grass is required and almost making your own swims. I caught on floating bread and also on slow sinking bread by pinching on a SSG shot on to the line and allowing it to move around the swim. 

The snake swim produced the biggest fish, ok only a 3lber, but it was on to the bread within a split second of it falling through the water column I saw it take the bait which is always nice.

No road noise, no other anglers, what's not to like ?

Well some of the bigger chub that reside here didn't show for this session but the way these things put on weight, find those older and wiser fish I'm sure a PB may well be on the cards. Watch this space !!!!

I finished on probably between 15 and 20 chub ranging from half pounders to this one which was the biggest. The more oxygenated swims slow sinking seemed to be the way to go with the more static swims they were up for taking it off the top.

I actually ran out of bread (not like me now is it 😀) which wasn't a bad thing as I really could have stayed all day. The problem is we need rain and lots of it which doesn't look like it will happen for a while. Still plenty to explore and fish to catch though so it's a good time to see the river when it's like this as it is easier to see where the fish holding spots will be. 

On to the next one !!!, they are coming thick and fast at the minute !!!


  1. Great write up - Assume that's called "The digger" swim?!?!

    1. It is indeed Adam !!! I'm sure there are some gems to be had here, the Chub are whacking on the weight already so just need to track some of the older and wiser fish down

  2. That looks an absolutely beautiful river Mick. I do love streams like that.


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