Friday 8 July 2022

The River Arrow - Gonk Hunters and Gobemouches

Now a professional clown couldn't have fallen off his bike any better than the leader of the free world Joe Biden, and he wouldn't have gotten a bigger laugh either, you see the last session here I actually laughed out loud too when a big chub gave me the two fingers when it threw the hooks and gave me a present in return which was a mangled manky shoe.

Now don't worry I'm plotting my return for the last laugh, however maybe when the conditions are a little better. Sam wanted in on the new stretch of river I'd been fishing too, you see despite me confirming there would be some nice super big chub milling around, Sam had other ideas after I showed him some swim pics.

"Daddy, there HAS to be some monster Gudgeon there, there just HAS to be"

"Just look !!!!, look at it"

To be fair up till now I never considered even trying for them, but now would be a good idea as the rivers are in desperate need of rain and at least the smaller fish would likely up for a maggot munch, even if the bigger fish were in hiding, being visible in the super clear water n'all.

So no lure rod or bread for this exploratory session but just some maggots, a whip and a light quivertip rod.

It was clear that minnows were going to be a pain as the maggots didn't have time to fall through the water column before being picked up by large numbers of them.

A swap to the quiver rod at least meant that the maggots could get to the deck without hinderance but again it was clear getting past the minnows was the biggest hurdle. 

Well I say that, the Arrow seems to have an abundance of silk weed at the moment and more often than not Sam was reeling in weed rather than a fish despite receiving a decent bite. A few swims we tried were the same, however one of them had at least a clean bottom.

Eventually the bites got bolder and the fish were getting bigger. No gudgeon to be found though but some miniature chub, dace, roach and rudd. Enough interest to keep Sam happy though however it was a gonk he really wanted. 

The bigger chub were nowhere to be seen either but with a few other anglers on the stretch fishing these tough conditions maybe they went in to hiding. 

There are plenty of hiding places too and places where an angler cannot get to really. You could don some waders I suppose and make your way down the river to find those hiding spots but you'd need a machete in hand that might not go down well with the locals.

Sam was having fun though and getting plenty of unhooking practice in, and now apart from perch and pike he is happy to handle any species really and is a dab hand at is.

Even using a disgorger which did take some time to get to grips with then again he's like his Dad, I'm certainly no expert. Anyway with the gudgeon nowhere to be seen at least some of the monster minnows that reside here kept his interest.

Some of them were getting on for 10cm's which in these quarters ain't a bad stamp of fish. In-fact I wish I'd have brought my mini scales just to see how much some of the bigger ones weighed.

After a rare wayward cast from Sam it was time to go. To be honest it was warm very warm and when you're often shoulder high in nettles a couple of hours is enough to satisfy the fishing fix. We need rain, lots of it which won't happen for a while I'd imagine but I'll be back in better conditions for sure. 


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