Friday 18 October 2013

Operation Perch...

Don't worry it's not a history lesson on Operation Perch which was a failed British offensive of the Second World War, I've another weeks family break to Centre Parcs in Elveden next month. In March this year I caught a clonker of a Perch at Elvedon's main lake that believe it or not took a linking to my float fished sweetcorn. Easily the biggest Perch I have ever caught and sods law didn't have the weighing scales with me. This time though, I'm going prepared.

I've a sack full of lobworms, red maggots, casters and some dark groundbait. The lobworms and maggots will be dipped in Archie Braddock's Perch Magic. You know what us fishermen are like, anything for an edge, and with it being November I'm hoping the lakes resident carp won't be that active.

I'm planning to float fish lobworm with a centrepin set-up and I'll have a low resistance sleeper rod out with lobworm or kingprawn. I'm hopefully going to fish three or four mornings and maybe a couple of afternoons in to dusk.

Perch plans for this weekend too, I'm going back to the Brook. Weird isn't it, it's probably ideal Barbel conditions on the Warwickshire Avon this weekend, and yet all I can think about is the Sergeant Perch


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