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Monday 14 October 2013


Friday was Shanghai's AC Fur and Feather at Tunnel Barn. Dave Roberts won again with 38lb or something. A match I didn't enjoy at all, the haul them in match fisherman have taken their toll and many of the fish had deformed mouths. I've decided that's the last visit to this venue for me.

In much more pleasant surroundings I had a few hours Sunday morning at the Avon Brook. I fished my Perch banker swim a few weeks ago but it was low and clear and only managed small un's. The River was up a couple of foot or so and had some colour, ideal and I grabbed at the opportunity.

I bought a cracking little rod recently when I was having a nose around Go-Outdoors. It's was a TFG 8-10ft compact all-rounder. It came with three tips and an avon type top. The rod is perfect for small river Perching, it comes in a nice brown blank too, oh and it was less than 40 quid. Tactics for today was a simple link ledger set-up and bites were registered with the 2oz quiver. Bait was lobworm

There is nothing like a big Perch, a Chub just pips as my favorite species but it's right up there. In this swim if you don't have a Perch on the end of your line within 5 minutes they are not there. They were there in numbers though and I landed at least 12 decent Perch, all over a pound and the biggest a pound and three quarters. I lost two potential 2lbers too, both lightly hooked I think and bumped the hook.

After 2 hours I ran out of lobworms and as it started to rain so I called it a day. Oh and a reminder to myself, I must get round to cleaning the camera lens.


  1. Sounds like a lovely couple of hours on the river bank, well done chap

  2. That title should be read in a Dorset accent :)


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