Saturday 19 October 2013

Brook Perch

It was dark and gloomy when I got to the Brook at 7.00am, an angry sky but a lovely scene all the same. I bait dropped some chopped worm, caster and red maggots in to my Perch banker swim and then made myself some breakfast.

Within an hour the sun came out and I had to take my jacket off, nearly the end of October and I was in my t-shirt.

I've had some decent Perch out the weir pool so that was my first port of call but the only think that took a liking to my lobworms was a crayfish. It's the first crayfish that I've caught in the Avon brook section so I certainly don't think the Warwickshire Avon has the problem some of the other local rivers have.

I was only fishing for a few hours so the last couple of hours I spent in the banker swim, again the Perch were here and had 6 or 7 over a pound with the biggest 1lb 10oz.

I trotted today as I missed using the centepin last time when I ledgered.  I'm hoping come winter time some of the Perch have put on a bit of timber because the fish were long and lean, an encouraging sign though and another enjoyable morning.


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