Thursday 14 June 2012

Snitterfield Reservoir - 14.06.12

After a disaster a couple of days ago where I couldn't even muster up a single bite I decided to have a couple of hours evenings fishing at the reservoir again. Armed with a float rod I decided to target the crucians just off the rod tip. I was using some left over sonubaits white chocolate band'un pellets and some small green swim stim pellets as feed.

The amount of fishing topping was a good sign, and as soon as my float entered the water I was getting indications there were fish in the swim. I've never caught a decent Tench at this venue but a Tench rolled in the swim that looked very big indeed, a great sign for the future. I was using one of my favourite floats, a Drennan glow tip antenna, very sensitive and great to look at when the light starts to fade, it's one of those floats that just look right in the water.

The first classic crucian bite turned out to be a Roach of around 10oz, not the species I was targeting but nice all the same. In the next 2 hours I had 15/20 decent Roach, the smallest around 8 oz's, the biggest well over a 1lb. I couldn't connect to any crucians despite them jumping and rolling in the swim but I went away happy, a nice way to spend the evening.

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  1. Ive been a Leamington member for 14 years Mick but never fished that pool.....It looks an enchanting place

    Baz Peck


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