Thursday 21 June 2012

Hampton Lucy Brook - 20.06.12

With the peg occupied that I caught the Barbel from a few days earlier I walked up to the weir and after 45 minutes without a bite I settled into a swim just downstream.
The river levels had dropped significantly from the previous session and there wasn’t as much flow to the river.

One rod with Lobworm and the other with a halibut pellet, as before the lobworm rod was getting some attention and the rod top was rattling right from the off. I only intend to fish 2.5 hours and was targeting the Barbel. The first fish that took a liking to the lobworm was a tiny Perch, he managed to swallow the huge lobworm and the size 8 hook without any problem at all. Another Lobworm produced a nice Roach of 1lb and then another 10 or so soon after of similar size. With a small hook and maggot for bait it would be bagging up time, certainly lots of fish in the swim. A nice change to see the Avon with lots of small fish, I thought their numbers were dwindling.

If I ever was asked to choose one bait to fish with the rest of my days, it would be the humble lobworm, never fails to produce fish even though lots of the time, not the intended species. The last hour into dusk to try and avoid the smaller fish I changed the worm over for a huge 30mm pellet. Apart from some sharp chub knocks no 4 foot twitches, great little place this stretch but I’ll probably try and explore some of the Luddington swims next week, I’ll be back soon though.

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