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Friday 1 June 2012

Shanghai AC match (Gearys Somers) - 01.06.12

Had a 4.5 hour match at Somers today, Gearys pool the venue. I'll keep it short and sweet, within 5 minutes I lost a decent carp that bumped the hook, an hour later trying various spots with a straight lead set-up I decided to fish the float. I caught silvers straight away so stuck with it hoping to connect into the bigger stuff as the day went on. Sadly didn't go to plan, the biggest bream was just under the pound. Had a bonus crucian towards the end. Ended up weighing in just over 8lb which must have been 70+ fish, albiet small un's.

I didn't stay for the finish of the weigh-in but I think Dave Roberts weight of 53lb will probably win it.


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