Tuesday 26 June 2012

Hampton Lucy Brook - 25.06.12

I had plan to fish Luddington last night but I’m taking the Wife and kids to Stratford-Upon-Avon Sunday to visit the river festival and also to watch the Olympic torch relay, so I’ve conjured up a plan to visit Luddington too and to have a nosey at some of the swims before trying it next week.

Again I decided to fish Hampton Lucy Brook and this time not another angler in sight so I settled into a swim I caught the recent Barbel from, not a good start to the evening session as I left my rod rest at home but I quickly fashioned up a couple from some branches lying about, worked better than I thought. Anyway I alternated between lobworm and pellets on both rods and had some small chublets and some Perch, the biggest Perch was over a pound and came when a smaller Perch grabbed a worm on my other rod. I had a 2lb Chub before baiting both rods with lobworm and settling down for the last half hour on the 2.5 hour session. Lots of indications before the rod top rattled big time and it was a nice 3lb 9oz
Chub, with the swim disturbed I left pretty satisfied, next time I visit, I might roll some meat down one of the longer and slower stretches, it just looks right for a Barbel.


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