Sunday 13 November 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Solidarnosc Plums and Spectroheliokinematographs

My Wife friends are hosting a couple of Ukrainians' at the minute and she put us on to these dark chocolates with a plum in the middle and they are really rather nice. My Wife is taking one of them to yoga every Friday and out of the blue, these were given for some thanks for doing the ferrying back and forth. 

They originate from Poland I believe and can often be found in Tesco's if there, like Stratford-Upon-Avon a decent population from the aforementioned, they are in the world food section I believe. 1 of your 5 a day, jobs a good'un. 

Anyway for this short session in to dusk and two hours beyond I decided to head down to the Warwickshire Avon for some blanking. One rod with a roach and a bobbin on a long drop and then luncheon meat on the Barbel rod.

What I didn't expect was the roach to be taken literally 5 minutes of casting out whilst I was still setting up, as after a couple of beeps the bobbin rose and continued on its way. 

A Pike the culprit and not a bad one either, maybe 9-10lb but after a short fight it literally came off as I was going to net it, bugger.

Oh well plenty left of the session to go so I set my stall out. The chair as comfy as an arm chair luckily the non-stop action would prevent me going to sleep.

Ok best laid plans and all that, but it was the 'unstoppable' fish I wanted in on and I've yet to catch a barbel from this section, although the chub are keeping me entertained. Some nice ones too !!

Dusk came and went and I fully expected at least the chub to home in on the luncheon meat where I also added a PVA bag of freebies to each cast. But no very quiet indeed come sundown. 

With the rod tip illuminated by torchlight with a clear sky the mild turn turned in to a chilly one and when the mist started to fall an hour in to dark, I'd give it another hour to hopefully give it a good go for a big fish.

Nothing though, and the predator rod was quiet too. Hmmm not going very well at the minute. So another blank to add to the collection, I'm getting used to this !!!


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