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Sunday 6 November 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Nuggets and Numismatography

I decided on the convenience of the syndicate stretch for this morning session, because with my proper wet weather gear currently drying out after being washed, and the rain was meant to last the whole duration I was bankside. 

But as we know as anglers the meteorologists and weather predictors are wrong much of the time because it rained for literally 5 minutes and that was my lot. Not a problem because there are some good fish to be had here but it would be nice to be able to plan things better wouldn't it, if only !!!

Anyway very handy this stretch as I can drive the whole stretch which consists of 1.4 miles of typical Warwickshire Avon river. Shallow areas, reed lines trot'able runs, deep slacks and swims with plenty of character and cover that hold all the main coarse species.

Now George was bankside again because he wanted to be in on the Barbel that gave him the middle figure the other day. He tried again recently in the evening in to dark where he caught a chub and it was Dave's turn to lose a barbel. 

After some pleasantries I went on the rove and fished 6 swims altogether giving it 20 minutes to half an hour in each swim. I had naff sleep for some reason possibly coming down with a cold so it was nice to be out in the fresh air to try and clear my head. 

In half of those I had a pike rod out in the slacks because the river was nicely up with a tinge of colour. A few swims down though I was biteless so after putting in some nuggets of my manky and pungent cheesepaste in a couple of swims I went up to my chub banker swim. 

Anyway to cut a long story short the only bite I managed was from the banker swim where after a couple of minutes of getting the cheesepaste out, a nice chub of 4lb and 6 ounces decided that it wanted in on it. Even the prebaited swims didn't produced sadly. A lovely fish however and still plenty of filling out to do some come March time it would go over 5lb I'd imagine. 

The fish were suspicious in their absence today, but the river is still pretty clear, so I'm tempted to rig up one of my presents and give trotting a go instead as there is a peg I've earmarked for it. I've fished static there before but it really does look perfect to put a float down. 


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