Monday 7 November 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Belly Busters and Belonephilia

A slight fuzzy head after a get together with friends was easily addressed with a visit to the syndicate stretch for a bit of trotting. I'd earmarked a swim that looked perfect to trot a float and I also wanted to try out the Abu 507 MKII which was one of the presents I got from the Wife.

I partnered it up with my Drennan 14ft Acolyte Plus which to be honest I need to use more because it's such a lovely rod it deserves to be given an outing. 

I love mornings like this but where were the other anglers ? I've noticed the banks quiet of late, I'm not sure why because the conditions seem to be improving week after week and it is a great time to be out at the moment. 

The Avon has a ting of colour which is perfect for trotting so I decided to fish either bread or meat on the hook and feed bread mash and also pellets and meat from time to time. 

It took a while to get the first bite but the first fish was a nice 3lb Chub that gave the new set-up a decent workout because of the flow of the river adding to the resistance.

Another fish of similar size about 10 minutes after and then sadly I lost one when the float buried at the end of the run and before I could get on top of the fish it did me good and proper in a snag when the hook pulled. 

And that was my lot, not many bites over the 3 hour session but still a couple of fish and all was well in the world again.

I felt hungry when I left so decided to cook up a rare English brekky and even treated myself to some fried bread. A belly buster for sure but I felt far better for it especially when the air temperatures are starting to plummet. 

So back to the evening in to dark sessions this week where hopefully I'll manage a couple of short trips out for the barbel.

They do seem to be biting at the moment and I want in on it, because my 12lb 14oz PB can easily be beaten with some of the fish that are swimming in the Warwickshire Avon at the minute. 


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