Monday 10 October 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Mopers and Mompreneurs

After a rather lacklustre morning session after a walk out with the rabble in to Stratford-Uopn-Avon for some lunch and a pint, I got back, unloaded the car and was twiddling my thumbs what to do.

So after making a chicken dhansak (always tastes better when rested) I do what I always do and started to mope around the house getting under the Wifes hair. 

"Why don't you go fishing again"

"Errr yeah ok, see ya !!!"

It was a lovely day, in-fact I was quite happy walking around in my t-shirt.

The sky couldn't have been bluer, and which a Warwickshire Avon rather out of sorts being very low and gin clear, headed in to dusk and beyond is the best way to pick up something half decent. 

I arrived at the stretch of convenience just before 6.00pm and with dusk only an hour away the plan was to try and find a few fish before baiting one spot near some cover and then fish that swim till it was curfew time.  

I've mentioned before when there is colour in the water the fishing can transform, because I assume the bigger fish are confident in venturing out from their lay-up with the fear of being spotted by a furry predator that frequent the same waterways. 

The bait fish don't care though happily playing around with their mates in the mosh pit.

Anyway talk about a river devoid of big fish, swim after swim nothing was showing whatsoever so I decided to head to the chosen swim before I intended to.

After balling in some scolded pellet what I didn't expect was the first chuck of the link ledgered bread was to have a fish on so soon. The problem was it caught me off guard a bit so after a confident pull round I tentatively struck in to the fish. 

I though was some debris taking the line out, but no a fish was on to the bait straight away. The first proper bend of the rod though before the drag could even activate the hook pulled and the Chub had gone.

Damn, still three more small chub caught in quick succession the reduced light levels was obviously bringing the fish out to feed. 

When the light had all but gone a tentative couple of pulls the 1oz tip jumps in to life and I'm hooked in to another fish. 

This one pulling back and taking line in the first rum. It was soon under control though and when in the net not exactly the stamp I'm after, being around 3lb not the 6lber that I know is swimming here.  

The iPhones flash taking me by surprise like the chub was to be caught on a Saturday evening when most people have better things to do. And that was my lot, I stayed another half an hour but the commotion of that fish I'm sure sent the other fish that might have been in the swim packing. 

On the walk back to the car I used my head torch to peer in to a couple of the elevated swims where again, the bigger fish were nowhere to be seen. It's tough out there at the minute but I'll keep on plugging away. 


  1. The eyes of a 90’s crunch clubber 🌞🌞🌞🌞Baz

  2. Lol, uncanny !! but yes, takes me back Baz !!!


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