Wednesday 19 October 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Fiscal Holes and Fistuliforms

I'd usually got this stretch to myself however when I got bankside for this short session a van was parked in 'Georges' peg and fellow syndicate member Keith, who I introduced myself to was in situ after Barbel.

Now conditions have been pretty pants for Barbel unless you're like Keith and quite happy to fish throughout the night where they are more likely to bite. 40 odd nights and only 7 of those banking a Barbus. 

After a natter and stories of carp, ghost carp and some decent Barbel to 14lb, it's clear I need to up my game in order to get in and among the PB beating fish that reside here.

There are of course much bigger Barbel to be had on the Warwickshire Avon, 16, 17 and the 18 lber but I prefer the solitude away from the circus. The big hurdle to get over is the restless legs, because I really do struggle sitting behind a motionless rod.

Anyway what a frustrating session this was, I was after chub but after two 'unmissable'  bites I didn't connect to any fish, so I decided to bait a couple of swims with mash and fish them both at dusk.

Whilst they were being primed I fished the Salmo hornet where I lost a decent pike of around 8 or 9 pound, a decent Perch and a jack pike. Think I need to sharpen the hook, then again I've caught so many fish on the same lure, probably as blunt as Jeremy Hunts £40bn fiscal hole.

Anyway after missing a bite in the first prebaited swim it didn't take long for another bite and a fish was on. Only a small'ish chub though, I want one as twice as big.

Still with some pictures coming through in the morning from China of one of the parts I have designed now off tool, which is a large magnesium casting it wasn't a bad day and at least I ended up with a fish. I could have stayed longer especially when the mushroom and cauliflower dahl is Soooooooooo easy to make. 

And probably cost less than a quid per portion, and even less if you ditch the coconut milk. Anyway the fishing fix was sorted I'm just preying for some better conditions to fish in because when you can see the bottom in an 8ft swim you know they won't be crawling up the line. 

I might try for a barbel next time though with some tips from Keith, anyway, on to the next one where next week I'll be impaling some giant ragworm, or I could squeeze in another quicky for Chub, hey I've an idea !!!

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