Saturday 29 October 2022

Saundersfoot - Dogging Alley and Drapetomania

Some of the mornings for bass fishing looked perfect especially with a seal and some cormorants trying to find the same quarry as I in the boiling mosh pit. 

But cast after cast after cast, nada

Even at Amroth where one of the local anglers said a few had come out in the recent matches the bass fishing was sadly fruitless. 

This is a family holiday after all though so I didn't exactly spend a huge amount of time actual fishing and probably not at the ideal times if I'm honest, but the end of the week there was some better opportunities. 

Now experienced sea anglers tend to regard the various dogfish for sport, and the beginner like me need not worry about specialised tackle and technique and the Angling Direct Advanta RSB Pier  Rod with a budget Shakespeare Reel is perfect for my occasional squid chucking exploits.  

The rod is now half price £17.50 so pick one up as highly recommended from me. 

Now Dogfish forage for food in big shoals and it was clear when I got to the harbour for the first session another anglers was battling to keep two rods in the waters. 

One is fine for me especially when fishing in to dark as I always get in to calamity situations.

When they are there in front of you they can provide fantastic sport or a pest, but there is one thing that they are, and that's often a blank saver. 

What I didn't expect though after the first dog fish I lost a decent fish that nearly took the rod in from the tip banging from the 'shark lookers', that could have well have been a Southbound or Bull Buss. 

I didn't get to see the fish but the line was grating on the harbour wall under the pressure of the fish and the line parted from the hook, Damn !! Anyway the amount of dogfish swimming in front of me was quite incredible, however what I didn't expect was to catch another 11 in around an hour and a half  🤯

To be honest it was fun just to see the rod tip go off on a mad'un when they pulled the circle hook in to their tough mouths from reacting against the stiff rod. 

The rod incidentally easily man enough to lift the dogfish up and over the harbour wall. After a while though, yeah I'd like something different but they were queuing up till ran out of bait. 

After getting some more frozen bait from the shop under the now defunct Beach Barbecue in Saundersfoot I gave it another go the following evening for the same result up at Dogging Alley.

6 more caught in quick succession, this time much smaller ones where thankfully the bites dried up so I could go home. There appears to be a fish greedier than a chub and I didn't think that was at all possible. 


  1. I don't have a problem with catching doggies either - I think they are pretty cool fish!

    1. They are cool, certainly plenty of character !!


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