Friday, 24 July 2020

Warwickshire Avon - Grockles and Grimgribbers

As someone who would love to retire to the coast, ditch coarse fishing and take up sea fishing YouTube is a Godsend.

Ones subscription list is growing but some highlights below, John Locker the current British record holder for shore caught Bass shares his tips and insights into sea and shore fishing in Cornwall on his channel The Fish Locker.

Coastal foraging, ling and conger fishing, gilthead bream, bass and mackerel the variety of fishing is great to see especially when he makes it an easy watch for the layman and novice where he explains rigs, boats and set-ups articulacy . 

Another forager, fisherman and waterside catch and cook'er is the channel from Guernsey Jay from Smash Fishing who is often joined by partner in crime Danny from Inglorious Fishing their channels feature almost daily videos catching lobsters, spider crab, crayfish, turbot, brill, bass, plaice, pollock, mackerel the list is endless.

Often the videos are live too where >500 watchers are shouting at the screen or typing in the live feed, "Danny, you've a bite, the bells are ringing." Isn't it mad what you can do via your mobile device these days. 

It's 2020, who needs the BBC.... Gary Lineker clearly, should he not be retired by now.

Closer to home so to speak my twin brother Chris moved to North Devon 5 or 6 years ago from Coventry where as a software / infrastructure technical specialist he works mostly from home. Ok, he's not quite the keen fisherman I am but his lunchtime break from work, is often a pint at the local pub and then an hour lure fishing around the old pier structure in vibrant and crystal blue waters.

And don't I know it, often daily updates from Whatsapp where some of the sunsets rival the outlook from Cafe Mambo in Ibiza and the blue waters rival anywhere in the world. For some reason it's radio silence on the gloomier drizzly days, I wonder why.

Another sunset Chris ?
Now as someone who is stuck in-front of a computer all day and has worked from home since lockdown maybe when the kids have finished school it could well be time for a move. As much as I love living where I do, I really fancy a big change in my lifestyle and pace of life I suppose, the Wife onboard with it too, in-fact it was her suggestion.

I want to work less and enjoy the outdoors more, ok my hours have reduced over the last few years because the automotive contracting world ain't what is used to be and I suppose it has made me realise as I get older, money is less of a priority and cities put the collywobbles up me, where as years gone by they were my weekend haunts. I'm a solitude seeker these days, how times change.

I'd certainly have to get myself a boat and looking at some of the various channels as I do, you don't exactly need a bank balance breaker either to make it viable. The Jimny an ideal tow vehicle for a light boat if a marina is out of reach.

So where could we end up ? Cornwall, Devon, or Pembrokeshire , well we've got some ideas and with two UK holidays planned on the coast this year because we don't fancy an abroad holiday at the minute, so hopefully start narrowing it down after seeing much of the UK now.

I think being nestled in the countryside having a sea view and a short drive to the sea might be a good combination, my brother on the other hand needs to be staggering distance from the pub. I'm rather lucky where I live now though, ok not for everyone, pubs and shops are a drive away but I can be bankside on the canal, a small river, stream or Warwickshire Avon in ten minutes. Very handy indeed for me as a short session angler,which this session would be.

So for the moment till we put plans in to action I'm confined to having to cook week old mackerel on the BBQ.

Anyway back to the fishing I was after a Barbel again in this short section where I managed a good double recently.

It's a small stock of transient barbel I'd imagine but results so far from another syndicate member and myself show that there are some lunkers here. Bites can be at a premium for sure, and often blank sessions but when a fish is eventually caught it should be a good'un.

I like sessions like this, there is no need to rush, take your time, set your stall out, some freebies out an hour before dusk and then sit back an wait to the light goes and the bites start. Again an air dried boilie to try and counteract the chub, very much groundhog day, but it's a method that works.

Before all that though an ultra light quiver and some maggots just to see what is swimming about here. To cut a long story short that was a good idea because after catching some nice dace, roach, chublets and perch I set my stall out.

As per usual the chub pulls and plucks started pretty much straight away so I thought once dusk arrived a barbel or two might move in, but oddly the chub bites stopped not long after they started and things went completely dead.

Maybe the air pressure had something to do with the lack of action ? certainly felt very close indeed.

There is usually quite a few fish topping and turning around this time, even bream rolling, but not this session, all very odd, motionless nightlites are not good.

Still some chill out time on the bank, that's what it's all about. With the river low and very clear and not doing much, what to do, what to fish for ? faster water, or even deep water for that matter could be the answer to ones prayers.


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