Wednesday 22 July 2020

Warwickshire Avon - Green Panthers and Grumbletonians

I really surprised to see a four cars in the car park when Sam and I arrived. Here there is cover aplenty though for the fish though, so maybe that was the reason, because at the minute the Avon is gin clear and very low indeed. Certainly tough conditions till the light goes and the fish start to show themselves and venture out from the sanctuary of their lair.

Still, Sam begged me to take him for a couple of hours to catch some small fish "from the bleak swim" and I duly obliged. There are still bites to be had and still back in time for bedtime.

He is turning in to a great little angler is Sam as he took control of both rods for this session and I sadly never got a look in. A float rod with a couple of red maggots it was a bleak, dace and roach a chuck. The fish visible in most of the swims, the darker deeper areas "holding the bigger fish" as expected. Some of the hungry bleak were very ornamental indeed. Sadly the gudgeon didn't show for some reason.

The 3.5cm Salmo Rattlin' Hornet attracted quite a few small but very angry perch. The chub didn't show today but I love this little lure because before you crank the reel it floats on the surface so you can drift it under overhanging trees and places where it would be difficult to cast to.

The larger fish in the swims seem to come out of nowhere to come and have a look at this swim disrupter.  it's just got a great action and dives really well and hugs the bottom when necessary.

I love ad hoc sessions like this, it breaks up a rather monotonous week at the CAD station. Like many I've really been struggling from time time to deal with this uncertain times and fishing how ever short the session is gets ones mind back in a good place again. A pastime where nature is part and parcel of it all, very therapeutic indeed, a much needed tonic. 


  1. Love my trout and Grayling fishing but Chub come an honourable third. Planning an Autumn campaign for them again this year . Great read.


  2. Probably my favourite river species Andy, love a Chevin.


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