Monday 6 July 2020

Warwickshire Avon - Cacodemons and Creatophagous

A trip to the local pub was a little odd the 45 page rules and regulations document interpreted, implemented and there for all to see. One of our friends is on the committee of this village owned pub and shared just how much time it's taken to get the doors open again,

The actual pub itself out of bounds for drinkers and diners and it's only available for taking a tinkle.

Luckily they have a decent garden, each table had a circle around it showing you your space, your area to roam. There were areas of hay-bales too, each area of four bales laid out in a circular pattern at a set distance apart.

The catering van usually used for BBQ's and events and the like now serving the drinks. One ale on tap as well as a couple of lagers and a selection of wine and spirits.

Queuing areas identified drinks ordered from one side, served and paid for the other. We only stayed for an hour just to show our face and see how Ben would get on with it.

He likes to roam and because of his issues is literally on the go from dawn till dusk. Being contained effectively to a small area is not so bad for him indoors, but being an outdoor lover it's a totally different story.

To be fair he dealt with it ok, but the frustration was there for all to hear when he was called back to sit down after the umpteenth time. Not exactly a pleasant experience, the wind didn't help I don't think with its sensory overload, still, got to do these things or we will never go out as a family.

To be far looking at some of the kids that go to his school, we've got it easy. It helps that the regulars and the staff have known Ben since he was a baby. Anyway whilst we there though an interesting conversation with one of the regulars who was at Guy's Cliffe House the night before

He organises Ghosts tours there among others and shared some fascinating stories about some of his time there and also those of the current custodian who he knows well . I'm open to these paranormal experiences so hopefully I'm booked in to the next one. Now retired fisherman and ex blogger Jeff Hatt wrote a piece on his experience opposite this fascinating place when he was fishing the Warwickshire Avon.

Watcher in the Woods     

I pointed him to Jeff's post so  hopefully he will enjoy reading it as much as I did. I've fished opposite it too, my own blog post here.

Anyway back to the fishing. Some casting practice for Sam this session down at the syndicate stretch to try and catch a predator or two. A Ned rig lure which I've not used in anger yet myself should hopefully attract at least a jack I was hoping.

When we got bankside though the lure could be seen on the bottom in 8 foot of water. Boy it clear which from experience it's tough going. We fished a few swims and didn't see anything bigger than a minnow.

Sam had a good idea though, "lets try the other stretch we can fish, there is much more cover there." "If that doesn't work we will have to cut the session short" 

That was fine by me, I knew what the outcome was likely to be. When we got there (2 min drive) exactly the same result, three swims fished, not even a follow by a small perch or an aborted grab by a jack pike.

With Sam using the unhooking mat for protection from the tall stingers even the predator banker swim failed to deliver. The path leading up to it looked like it had been freshly mowed though, credit to the perpetrator (Sean ?). However the bait fish were nowhere to be seen either, a river seemingly devoid of fish. Minnows the only residents, the session sadly cut short. Coming up to dusk the best time most likely but that's past his bedtime sadly. We need rain and lots of it.

You can see why the lure catches fish though, even fishing when it's stationary. So I suppose that was the only positive to come from the session, well apart from the wildlife, we even spotted a Red Kite so will try and get a picture next time.

Where to go, what to do ?


  1. I think you will get your rain over the next few days. It's amazing how a river apparently devoid of fish, can suddenly seem full of them. I reckon they hide in the trees :o)

    1. Really is quite amazing isn't. I'd love to know where they disappear to, a predator hotspot.


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