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Saturday 18 April 2020

The Close Season Zander Quest Pt.*** - Galvanotaxis and Gallimaufry

I've never seen it so clear down this stretch, the polarised sunglasses donned to be able to see beneath these clearing waters. Not only are the shoals of fish clear to see but also just how shallow the canal is in places. In-fact it may well change the way I fish for canal Zander for ever, yes really.

The turbidity (thanks George) has changed so dramatically here because the lack of boat traffic. Some of the far bank features I have been fishing with ones deadbaits positioned are probably only 6 inches or so deep

No decent sized Zed would be able to hide itself there now will it, its back would be out the water.

The change of depth so dramatic another foot further back I'm sure that will lead to more bites, it has to, fish able to go about their business without having to show themselves, give the game away.

Now in these times we cannot fish I'm gradually turning myself in to a fat appreciator or chubby chaser, it's a 'thing' apparently, but let's not go in to that here, I'm eating my breakfast for starters, that wouldn't be a good thing.

Ok I'm not quite ready to start feeding a Zander through a funnel but this swim I've been feeding and I will continue to do so, I'm hoping a Zander is holding up appreciating ones efforts to expand her waist line and will be a willing participant when eventually I can get that after-eight in front of her mush.

To be honest is there any need ? the shoals of fish here is incredible, an eye opener really. The clearing water revealing just how alive much of this canal is. Not only are there some of the biggest minnows I've ever seen on a canal, but also the roach shoals have been awesome to see.

The larger roach >8 ounces have been tightly packed together is smaller groups, but the Zander fodder have been in the hundreds and hundreds seemingly abiding to their own social distancing measures.

If only the CRT would remove their rose tinted specs to see what is exactly going on here in these 'troubled' waters they wouldn't need to press that 'deadmans switch' on the anode pole ever again.

I'm not talking just in one area either, over the 2 miles stretch, they are everywhere. The biomass of the canal enough for even a match angler to be interested, you would think.

But no, the canals are a patch of their former selves apparently, and I for one agree with them, nothing to be seen here.

The carp as well are here in numbers, Sam feeding them some bread where they always have been since I've been fishing it. They are well hidden unless you spend time waterside like I do, the state of canals nothing like what I read in the press, but then highlighting what exactly is going on won't help with the Billingsgate Market Christmas party fund now will it.

So lets hope those padlocks are unlocked the chains untangled because with the weather kind we all could do with some fishing to lift moods, help with the well-being. 

The bike is helping though, the return journey the hill no longer a gradient to be feared, it's surprising just how quick the legs recover and how easier it becomes on every trip. So the fitness is improving which has to be a good thing.

Talking about a good thing, YouTube has been awash with lockdown DJ mixes, ones need of repetitive beats in my life consumed in even greater quantities. Some decent money has been raised as well. When will it al get back to normal I wonder, a social distancing rave won't quite work now will it.

Now where can I find out how to clean my rods like a pro, oh I know, HERE


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