Sunday, 12 April 2020

The Close Season Zander Quest Pt.*** - Rod Mounts and Royal Scamps

I'd been wanting to fit a rod rack to the Jimny for a while because sometimes when I've driven along the river bank or driven from one canal stretch to another, it would have been nice not having to break down the rods.

Ok not a massive inconvenience I suppose but every little helps and I will probably use it more than I originally thought I would have done.

I've been pottering and pottering once more in the garage trying not to go stir-crazy though and using some bits and pieces I'd already got, and a few purchases off Ebay I knocked up this simple set-up.

I had designed up something quick in CAD something that was more bespoke, that would have fitted on to the roof bars and then the rear rod holder bolted to it, but a little overkill really, especially as the 3D print would have cost £90.

Maybe I should like in to buying one, the various online places seemingly upping their prices because for obvious reasons, their market is elsewhere at the minute.

Still even when shelled out to only 3mm thick the size of the part and printing time would have been the main issue. I could have tweaked the design I suppose, but I stare at the CAD screen long enough these days.

So spending dosh like that would have been a bit stupid as not only would that would mean a couple or three bottles of this tasty and smooth rum I've been introduced to.

A sort through the garage there was a far simpler way.

So cable ties, nut and bolts, shackles, wraps and bungees, I came up with this.

I've hardly driven my car for over three weeks, these pictures taken on-route to the local shop a couple of miles away. Feels very odd indeed, but then I am driving a Suzuki Jimny :)

So I've not tested it properly yet though so need to give it a proper outing. Maybe when the lockdown is over for fear of having fingers pointed, eyebrows raised.

The good thing about the Jimny is the access to the roof, it's quite a tall car for it's diminutive size but swing the tailgate and you can step up on to the bumper no problem. Open the passengers door and the sill is nice and wide for a size 10.

I've some more robust ties for the front on the way, but you get the picture. It seems to do the job, now fingers crossed we can all get fishing soon, so I can try it out in anger.

For those that want a fishing fix as much as I do, get on to YouTube, you can do no worse than watching the latest instalment from Artificial Flight , featuring fellow WBAS syndicate member George Burton and a rather large Warwickshire Avon Barbel. 

From some of the humdrum you have to wade through, a cut above, something different, a format anglers especially of a particular era, appreciate. Typically as I was watching the Wife started waving the Dyson around ones ankles, the solitude evident in the video, something I could do with right now, I'm starting to struggle. 


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