Saturday 11 April 2020

The Close Season Zander Quest Pt.*** - Lambs Liver and Lepidopterology

These faggots are pretty easy to knock up, blitz some lambs liver and pork belly and a packet of sage and red onion stuffing, seasoning simply a nadger of mace and lots of black pepper.

Wrapped in streaky bacon you'd wonder how the hell Mr Brain's has managed to peddle his poor mushy flavourless imitation for so long.

Now we'd not be out of the village for almost three weeks but recently there was a change in government guidelines for those with autism so it meant with Ben's statement firmly in hand if we were challenged we could venture out a little further if we thought it would help his wellbeing.

Social distancing easily achieved on our walk which is a walk we do most weekends and it's almost part of his routine, a routine that keeps Ben from wondering off that path. Unless you've lived with someone with challenging and complex needs its hard to explain why this change is most welcome.

It's something we will use from time to time for sure if things get tough indoors because we've got to appreciate others haven't got the luxury in doing what we can now do. Even a short car journey like this was, his happy face clear to see, back to normal, for a short while anyway.

So a brisk walk in, a bag full of provisions and a visit to the chemist. a brisk walk back, Ben leading the way, his 'worm' more active than ever.

Stratford was dead, which for a sunny day incredible if it wasn't for the pandemic. As expected the Government advice taken up by the masses.  Still it felt odd, like we shouldn't be here, but then it would feel like that, a day earlier we couldn't have done what we just did, unlikely to do it again, for a while anyway.

We are lucky just think about those elderly and vulnerable in care homes who haven't seen their loved ones for example. Not a good situation so let's hope we can get over that seemingly rather big hurdle.

The Avon now low and clear, some small fish topping but it looked rather dead. It did highlight a nice deep area quite close in so that was noted.

I haven't really fished this area much, feeder and stick float tactics seem to the norm here and also the odd lure angler after the predators.

On the walk back a huge butterfly spotted, wing span easily hand sized. An escapee from the Butterfly Farm most likely.

A stunning creature that stopped us in our tracks, we watched it for a good while before it vanished out of sight.

So answers on a postcard please ? I'd love to know what it is.

So an hour out in the sun was well received. The walk certainly good for all, Ben lapped it up.

So back home, chill, barbecue, good music and good food. The weather superb, so another bike ride to the canal planned again most likely as well as a day of lego and YouTube planned.

Stay Safe !!!!


  1. That looks a Blue Morpho - Central and South America, so a long way from home!

  2. Cheers for that Toodle, looks like one doesn't it !!!! as you say a long way from home

  3. I'm sure that you are well connected to links and resources online for Ben Mick but if you need any more I'll try and help if I can.

    1. Ta for the offer, he in very good hands indeed having been diagnosed when he was at nursery, his school especially, they have work wonders for him and he loves going, hopefully get back there sooner than later.


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