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Saturday 11 October 2014

Jack Barren...

I've not really explored the new venue I've been fishing, not sure why, laziness I suppose. Anyway with a lure rod in hand I wanted to see of there were any deep areas that might be worth trying for Zander in future sessions. The Warwickshire Avon does contain them, no doubt about that, I've just never given it any bank time. The Grand Union canal a few minutes down the road is full of them, so I've been sort of blinkered as I know if I fish a certain area I'm guaranteed to catch one.

The recent rain hasn't coloured the water so the lure could be seen 4 or 5 ft down.  The nettle hacking and burning session has meant there are more swims available as previously especially the upstream swims you were a bit restrictive. The downstream swims although much wider are no deeper, far shallower than I expected but looked ideal for trotting a deadbait as it was nice and slow. A shallow Wasperton, I suppose. Not much was biting this morning and I only managed a small Jack in 4 hours of fishing but the Autumn colours and scenery made up for the lack of fish. The reccy was certainly worthwhile as it's given me some ideas where to concentrate my efforts. I've a few areas earmarked to try all within about a 2 mile radius.


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