Friday, 3 October 2014

A Sliver Bream PB

Or is it ? Jeff over to you, you're good at these things...

I was at the ressi this morning trying to tempt a big Perch, the plans didn't go well as I couldn't get past the small ones and there were literally hundreds of the buggers. Come winter, it's a different story and the only fish likely to down the wriggler is a big Sergeant. After about 30 small Perch this fish came along devouring 2 lobworms, I thought it might have been a roach at first but I'm hoping it's a Silver Bream. The big eyes and anal fin suggests it might be. (yeap, looks like it is)

Not the bulkiest of fish but still weighed 1lb 5oz, I should have photographed it with some scales next to it, the next best thing the black strap on my unhooking mat is 1.5"

I only fished for a few hours and the float and sleeper rod didn't stay still the whole time I was there. 17.5 Degrees when I left, madness.  

Anyway on a different note, there is talk of the ressi being developed, who knows if / when it will happen but there is definitely something going on as there were surveyors there today. 30 years of falling leaves has left a 2ft accumulation of silt on the bed, reducing the irrigation reservoirs capacity. Shame if it does happen, and what's going to happen to the fish ? Big development plans too but the sounds of it, so if it gets the go ahead it will never look the same again. New fencing, felling of trees, bank developent, even enlarging and a car park. Watch this space....


  1. Mick, it looks like one but I think Jeff will be able to say for sure, I've only ever had 3 in my lifetime, certainly not as wipe spread as most species.

  2. All the stats stack-up Mick so, in Jeff's absence, yes it is...and at 1-5-0 a good 'un too!

  3. Yes, it is a silver bream. From this venue it can't be much else though I did have what I'm certain was a silver bream/rudd hybrid there once. Shame they want to develop it. It's a lovely old overgrown water full of character but when they've done with it it won't be much of a fishery anymore.

    1. They still need to get through planning first Jeff, but yes shame if it does happen as it's a nice little water. I can only begin to imagine what they will find when they drain it.

  4. Nice silver there Mick. I hope to sample the rese at some point before it changes. It sounds like they have big plans for the racecourse now that they are going jumps only.


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