Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fallon’s Angler

I'm no writer myself but I'm looking forward to reading the work of others, oh and Jeff so that's where you have been hiding.

Fallon's Angler

Fallon’s Angler celebrates the telling of the angling story through original, long-form writing with a strong, narrative feel, and avoids the incessant barrage of tackle and tactics. Appearing four times a year with an average of fourteen articles per issue, it gives the reader some 28,000+ words to sink their teeth into. Covering subjects from coarse, game and sea, it’s all down to the skill of the writer to convey the magic of angling.

Fallon’s Angler offers angling writers the space to express themselves, and get properly paid for it. It hopes to encourage existing writers to write more, and to nurture new talent to enter the industry. The industry has some wonderful writers, but who is the ‘next big thing’? 
Some writers are very familiar to you, some less so, and there are several you’ve never met before. There are also excellent writers out there who Fallon’s Angler has not met, yet. Fallon’s Angler is about the quality of the writing, not the quality of the angler, or the quality of the fish.

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  1. Mick,

    Same as you, looking forward to it landing on the mat.


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