Saturday, 1 February 2014

Reservoir Result, another PB !!!!

I arrived at the reservoir at 7.00am to find the gates locked again, I did think about going to College Pool but I glad I badgered Maurice the bailiff to come and let me in as the Perch were on the feed. A 1lb 9 Perch was the first fish caught followed by a PB of 2lb 11oz and one of 2lb 9oz. I caught quite a few smaller ones too. It had a distinctive pectoral fin shame no one else was fishing as the self-take picture wasn't one of my best. I had to mess around a bit with it also as it was too bright and over exposed, oh well. At this rate it won't be a PB for long anyway.

I fished with two rods today, both baited with lobworms but one under a float and the other air injected on a running rig on the sleeper rod. It started off overcast and when the sun came out the bites were few and far between but the Perch didn't mind and they were still biting. Feed was red maggots, alive and dead. I wonder how many anglers over estimate the size of the Perch they catch, I swore the biggest I caught would be over 3lb. It was long and fat and certainly looked like a 3lber but the scales told a different story. God only knows what a 5lber would look like, they must be huge.

The available river bank time is diminishing and with more rain in the way it doesn't look likely I'm going to be able to fish the river any time soon. I've decided to buy a Warwick book for the next season, apart from the Reservoir that's a nice little water there is the Grand Union canal at Rowington where I want to try for Zander and also a few stretches of the Avon that look good for Carp.


  1. Well done Mick, You're dead right, NOTHING looks bigger than a big perch :)


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