Tuesday 28 January 2014

Predation: An Ecological Disaster

A great article from the Predation Action Group can be found HERE.


  1. I had a long break as fishing as a hobby, I fished as a kid and teenager and 20 years later I’m back on the bank again. I’ve certainly notice a big change, I’ve spotted cormorants catching and eating fish in every water I fish, be it lake, pool or river, it wasn’t like that 20 years ago. Signal crayfish ? I can honestly say I never caught any as a youngster, I’ve caught loads since I’ve started up again. I know the angler over recent times has become the lazy stocked carp fisherman but there is probably a reason for that, you only have to look as river weights in matches over the years, there is certainly a depletion of smaller fish. My Dad has fished for years, now he won’t go near a river. Unlike me he doesn’t do blank days so he needs to go somewhere to catch fish. No longer can he run a stick float down the Avon ,enjoy a days fishing and be guaranteed to catch, he, like many anglers has moved on to stocked carp fishing. The rivers really are deserted, I rarely see another angler on the miles of river I fish. At the end of the day, an angler likes his line pulled from time to time.

    I’ve never seen an otter till this year, but my favourite venue the brook I spotted a patrolling pair and at Marlcliffe two fish, a barbel and chub on the bank with fatal otter damage. So the crayfish eat the fish eggs, the cormorants are eating the roach and dace and now the bigger fish have to watch out for the otter. I know there is an argument on both sides but in my opinion certainly the fish have got the short end of the stick at the minute.

  2. I was genuinely surprised that the document you linked to hadn't resulted in any response either for or against, given the enormity of the issue

    Well you'll know which side I will come down on and you've inspired me to cover the subject from a different angle again but its certainly all fascinating stuff Mick, thanks for airing it


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