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Sunday 23 February 2014

Back on the river....

The Warwickshire Avon Brook was the venue of choice for the first river session in weeks, it was looking in decent fettle too when I got to the bank. I cannot believe how much the levels have dropped in a week, there was also a nice blue tinge to it. Plenty of flow because it's still up from the average river level but unlike the last couple of months the river was fishable.


Tactics were a  link-ledgered lobworm with red maggots as feed. Rod was a 11ft Drennan Avon Quiver with a cheap Dunlop centrepin I found at Sports Direct. The Chub banker swim which is quite well hidden from the bank produced a nice Chub of 3lb 14oz's, a proper scrappy fight too as there are snags both sides of the swim. The water was far clearer than I thought and as soon as the sun came up I'm not sure if that put the fish off or not because despite me trying plenty all the swims that usually throw up a Chub or two, that was the only fish I caught.

Strange, oh well nice to be back on flowing water again, and as usual only me fishing this stretch of River. With the river close season nearly upon us I've got running water plans for the next couple of weeks, probably the Warwickshire Stour and the Arrow.


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