Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Not the monster, just a minger

When I was fishing the brook last season, when the river was low I spotted a big hole next to an overhanging tree. I only fished it a couple of times as when the bank is wet it's a bit precarious, to be honest I fished it a couple of times with limited success. It had potential though, a monster must lurk within it's depths.

When I reached the swim I loose fed some squabs and balled in some scalded pellet, the swim was already alive with bleak so some good signs. It's actually a proper peg and thankfully all the stingers and weed have been cut-back to allow easy access. I planned to try some more swims further up the river before returning for the final hour.

I travel as light as possible these days, unhooking mat which doubles up as a seat, landing net, rod, bankstick and all my gear in a rucksack. The first swim I know pretty well and it didn't take long to catch the first Chub, probably 3.5 to 4lb and a proper little scrapper it was too.

With the swim disturbed I moved to the next swim, it's quite a way from the water but perfectly fishable and with my polarised sunglasses on I spotted a decent size barbel amongst the gravel bottom and streamer weed, a lovely sight. The brook in places really is a contrast to the Avon further upstream, here in places it's only a rod length wide and can make landing fish a challenge. I baited with a big chunk of garlic spam and dropped it in downstream in the middle of a crease. No rod rest this time but I was feeling for line bites. A great way to fish as you really can feel every knock.

Didn't take long for a proper bite, sadly not the Barbel in the swim but another greedy Chub which was a similar size to the first one. After big Perch I'd say Chub are my favorite species, if a blank is looking on the cards you can always rely on a greedy chub to make off with your bait.

For the last hour I settled in the hole swim I pre-baited, the big lump of meat was being attacked from every angle judging by the indications on the tip but then all of a sudden the knocks stopped and for a good half an hour the tip remained motionless. I was about to reel in and pack up when the tip violently wrapped round and I was in to a fish. The far bank is very snaggy and with the rod doubled over had to prevent it from reaching it's sanctuary. It was no powerful Barbel this but another Chub, and it looked like the ugly sister of the one Joe Chatterton had recently http://joechatterton.blogspot.co.uk/.

I didn't weigh it but it was long and fairly chunky so nearing 4lb. Hook out quickly and the fish returned to it's hideout, 2.5hrs and 3 half decent Chub, not a bad evening. Sadly this time not the monster, just a minger. With the light fading and the bats practicing their top bombing it was time to call it a day.

I've got some lobworms I need to use so might get the float fishing gear out and do some trotting one evening this week.

 Tight Lines


  1. Mick how much is it to join and where do I get a ticket ???/

    The chub and the character of the place appeal to me.......


    Bazal Peck

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