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Monday 24 June 2013

Fish Therapy...

My eldest son Ben who will be 4 next month has been diagnosed as being autistic and developmentally delayed. His improvement over the last 12 months or so has been encouraging and his interaction with this calamitous younger brother Sam is ever increasing. To be honest I think we have been lucky with his autism as it's his delayed development the main issue. We are quite lucky in the fact that he sleeps well doesn't mind new places and doesn't have that many melt-downs.

He prefers to play on his own and is often fully engrossed in the toy that he is playing with, he is a tactile and is a wizz on the Ipad but we were looking for other ideas to further stimulate his development. Whenever he is near an aquarium it utterly captivates him, the bright colours and moving shapes are like an organic toy I suppose.

Anyway with the Wife on a mummy night out I set-up the Fluva Edge 46L aquarium. No fish in it yet as need to the get the water condition right but plan to have 10 or so Chili Rasbora, a few shrimps and maybe a single Siamese fighting fish.


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