Sunday, 29 July 2012

Preston-On-Stour - 29.07.12

Shipston-On-Stour AA was good to me last winter, some decent chub caught on a simple link ledger rig with bread flake as bait. I've not renewed this year as Stratford AA has Preston-On-Stour through to Wimpstone to give me my Warwickshire Stour fix. I went for a look just to see what the access and swims were like and also took a lure rod just to see if I could get any takers. It's a lovely stretch of river with full of feature, lots of small fish topping and I even managed two small Perch on a Mepps, not much flow but looked ideal for trotting down a float with a couple of maggots.

A few pics below, oh and when taking pictures remember to clean the lens.


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