Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hampton Lucy Brook - 07.08.12 & 08.08.12

I've been trying a more roving approach trying to catch another elusive Avon Barbel,not sure about everyone else but a month ago they seemed easy to catch, nice big lump of luncheon meat and job done. Last week I hooked a couple but didn't land them. I've modified my rigs a bit, effectively beefed them up. As you can see from these pics Hampton Lucy Brook has some narrow and very snaggy swims. On an evening not sure if it's because the Olympics are on but I've been the only angler down here.

I've said before the witching hour is the key on this stretch, get your rig settled in a nice location and sit and wait, no bites within 20 minutes move. I'm still having trouble hooking fish though, I usually use a big lump of hair rigged garlic luncheon meat.

I'm still for some reason not connecting to the fish even though I've had proper bites. Maybe it's Chub rather than Barbel, who knows but I've switching from a safety clip to a running set-up and also altered the hook length but still only hooking I'd say 1 out of every 4 proper bites :( anyone got any ideas ? Maybe hooking the meat directly to the hook might help, rather than using a hair rig. I they are Chub then maybe that would have more success. I've still caught though, that's the main thing.

I've said before it's nice to see the Avon with small fish in it again, just for fun before dusk, i've been using a small quiver rod with a small feeder and a couple of maggots, bite every chuck, with some nice dace, chub, roach and perch. In nearly 5 hours of fishing I've only managed one Barbel this week, not worth weighing but a decent fight all the same. I've not tried the weir in dusk, maybe I'll give that a go. There are double figure Barbel on this stretch however I think a bit like Wasperton they are few and far between.

Oh and Stratford AA have fixed the rickety gate, they have cemented in a nice new one. I've been neglecting the Leamington AA waters a bit, and after reading the recent newsletter they seem to be fishing well.


  1. i was having this same problem big bites no fish.
    i then remembered some-one talking about the way chub take the bait they hold it in there mouth not like carp who suck food in.
    the answer i found was to make your hair as short as possible mine are so short with a 16mm pellet i struggle to put the stop on but now the pellet and hook sit allmost side by side,now when the chub picks up the bait he also has the hook in his mouth.
    try it hope it helps.

  2. Hi mate, still got this ticket and been fishing it much? I've just got the ticket this year and it's a beautiful little stretch although I've been a few times and not even seen a glimpse of a barbel in the water but have had a few 3lb chub out on the float. Will keep trying for the barbel though but there can't be that many in there surely?


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