Saturday, 28 July 2012

Luddington - 28.07.12

The first time I fished Luddington, and it looked in fine fettle when I got there early Saturday morning, armed with some lobworms and pellets the plan was to try a few swims out, a sort of a discovery mission.

I settled in a swim just near the pump house but not knowing the swims I discovered the river bed must be pretty snaggy, after only receiving a few knocks on the rod tips, losing some terminal tackle and having the swim ploughed through by a couple of swimmers, yes, you heard right, swimmers I moved to a swim just downstream of the weir.

Only enough room for one rod, but a great looking swim, within seconds of the lobworm settling I had a nice chublet, sadly I discovered it was yet another snaggy swim and after losing my tackle twice I changed tactics, no lead just a 2 Swan shot weight attached directly to the mainline and I let the lobworm dance around settle on it's own. Seemed to work anyway, had some nice Perch and plenty of Chublets. 

When I ran out of lobworms, for the last half an hour I put a big chunk of garlic luncheon meat on, it was getting attacked by the small fish judging by the rod tip dinking but Mr Barbel and Mrs Chub didn't show. I only fished a small stretch of Luddington today, still lots to see so I'll try some others first before going back to the wier swim. Nice scenery, no other fishermen present, a really healthy river and another nice venue only 10 minutes from my house.

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  1. What breaking strain line would you use to land those things in the white caps!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice blog thanks.


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