Tuesday 10 April 2012

Easter Weekend - 2012

Tunnel Barn Farm - 07.04.12
I had a lovely week in North Devon with the family, and had the entire Easter weekend free. Although I rarely fish commerical fisheries as they are not my bag I decided to have a morning session at Tunnel Barn Farm in Shrewley as a friend has been doing pretty well catching decent size Perch, it's only 5 mins down the road from me so it's quite handy.

There was an open match on during the day and three of the lakes, so I settled in the Bottom Pool. An overcast day with the occasion shower, pretty nippy too.

I had a sleeper rod out in the margin with a simple running rig with lob worm attached and then a float rod trying various swims. Red maggot were drip fed every few mins. Lots of action from the carp but no Perch.

Carp were in pretty good condition I'd must admit, but not what I was after.

College Pool - Wasperton - 08.04.12

I've never caught a decent Perch at College Pool and I know exist via the midland bloggers and when I've been on the bank when someone has caught one. Again as per the previous morning, I had a float rod in the margin and a sleeper rod with a running rig. Both with Perch tempting lobworms.

I first settled at the far end but the sun came out and knowing Perch like shady spots I moved a few swims down and fish close to a overhanging bush which was about the only cover in the whole pool. We certainly need some rain, the pool is a good 1 metre+ lower than it usually is.

Carp, love lobworms and today was no exception, I caught 6 of them on the sleeper rod, the biggest I weighed and it was 7lb 1oz, it certainly looked bigger and fought beyond it's weight. College pool and the condition of the fish are a credit to the Leamington Anglers Assocation.

The worm attached to the float rod was getting lots of attention, the float hardly stayed still, was even dragged under a few times but sadly couldn't connect to anything, I suspect it was pesky small Perch with eye's bigger then their belly. Maybe dusk would be the better option to try and catch a decent Perch, I'll be back anyway, my favorite venue in the Leamington book and today, I was the only angler present.


  1. The perch have spawned on a few waters I've been trying recently Mick.

    But just maybe they'll be a little behind the others on college because of the depth of the water and it taking longer to warm up.

    Good luck!

  2. Cheers Keith, I do tend to leave Snitterfield Reservoir and College Pool to the summers months, as you say they take an age to warm up. The cold water didn't seem to put off the carp though, also small fish topping everywhere too, which suprised me.

    I'm going to wait till it's warmer and the nights are lighter and try a few evening sessions.


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