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Friday 12 April 2024

Warwickshire Trout - River Alne Pt.11

To be honest I was in two minds to actually go for this session because I didn't have long but I fancied a gander at the Alne because it will receive some attention going forward, when the river hopefully will be in decent fettle to try and catch a trout. 

Not any old trout either because I I have my eyes on an Alne trout >3lb in weight. Now I know they are there because I've hooked and lost a few that would provide that tick in the box I'm sure.

I only had an hour and a half to fish and it didn't get to a very good start because a new Range Rover probably 100k plus was blocking the gate, and therefore the entrance to the river was a no go, unless this behemoth was moved. 

After unlocking the gate and sorting my tackle out eventually after ten minutes wondering that to do, the owner turned up and could only 'apologise for blocking the access, because I couldn't find a parking space'. 

 Red trousers, yeap you guessed correctly !!!😁

Thankfully after moving my car from behind his, he vacated the space and I could drive down to the river and get fishing. 

I thought I'd go and have a nose because the river has been stable for a while after being well up, but it was far more coloured than I thought it would be, even with a bright Temu special (6 all the way from China for the price of one Salmo Hornet 👀) there was only a few inches of visibility. 

Unsurprisingly I caught naff all, not even a hit, a bump or a follow. Then again I couldn't have really seen the trout if they did anyway. Still it was nice to be out with spring definitely here with the butterflies making an appearance where the day peaked at 19 degrees C. 

I'll leave it for a while I think and keep an eye on the gauge. It needs to drop at least a ft or so where usually that means it's clear enough to have a dabble for the nice trout that reside here. 


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