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Monday 4 March 2024

Warwickshire Stour - Luddites and Liabilities

Well it started so well !!!

You see the weather really was glorious despite having to scrape the ice of my windscreen and the river was fishable despite the levels being about the highest I'd like to fish it. 

It was bombing through and boiling up in most swims but there were quite a few slacks that could be fished, where I'd target the roach and chub that reside here.

Liquidised bread in the feeder with a sprinkling of hemp and small bits of bread flake on the size 12 hook. Swim after swim though nothing and Nic from Avon Angling even put me on to specific swims where he caught last time because he struggled in the usual swims as well. 

I was getting towards the end of the session when in the last swim I decided to measure the water temperature and when bending down to put the probe in the water my phone in slow motion fell out my top pocket and straight in to the river 🙈

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh FFS !!!!

I tried to retrieve it with the landing net but the bank drops away quickly and it goes really deep. Then I remembered I had £40 cash between the phone and the case which was for a curry after work on Monday Arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So a double whammy, oh and I blanked too. 

Thankfully the Wife has phone insurance through Nationwide but it's still £100 excess and I'd need to buy a new case too, so an expensive fishing trip. Now it has been invaluable that insurance because the Wife informs me this will be the 5th, yes 5th claim over the years.

  1. A mate Deano pushed me in a pool in Ibiza when I had the phone in my pocket.
  2. A few years later it was nicked in Ibiza by a pickpocket 
  3. Then a cartoon of milk in my pocket exploded, which drenched the phone
  4. Then whilst doing some weight training in the garage, the phone slipped out my pocket the same time as I dropped the dumbells on the floor, you can guess the outcome it wasn't pretty !!!
  5. Dropped in the Warwickshire Stour

So I'm waiting for a sim card now and the replacement phone, so I've an Iphone 8 that I can use WhatsApp with but because my iCloud backup is on a later software revision the 8 doesn't support I feel a bit lost. Anyway oddly some of the photos I took were backed up to the cloud as you can see here, and luckily I didn't catch that 2lb roach I was after because that really would have been disastrous. 

The river will be in perfect fettle today I'd imagine where Nic will probably bag-up, a session I'd rather forget because not only the loss of my phone but the oddly no bites either. 


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