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Sunday 18 February 2024

Lanzarote - Scorpions, Lizards and Wrasse.

I definitely chose a good week to jet off to sunnier climes where Playa Blanca in Lanzarote would be nice and hot and dry not cold and damp. The local rivers too, for at least the weekend anyway, and in to the following week most likely would be over the banks yet again and would put a kibosh on ones fishing !!

I've fished plenty of times now in the canaries and a small rucksack with the bare essentials and a travel rod would suffice for some piscatorial pleasantries. We hadn't stayed over this side of the island before but a quick look on google maps there looked to be an nice area to fish around 0.6 miles from the accomodation for the week, just by Playa Flamingo beach. Not only was there a nice rocky area but also a sea wall that protects the beach if I needed to get out any further.  

I had some LRF bits and pieces but also a float set-up that worked quite well last time. I caught plenty of fish last time and most of those were on bread or prawn, but I had some Marukyu Isome Sandworm with me for this trip. I did have some small crankbaits but to be honest for some reason the lure didn't do the business for me last time, don't get me wrong I caught fish but I was having more fun on the float set-up. 

I fished most days the last time here and that was 10 days, this was only a week and I didn't bring the laptop for this holiday so I'd post when I'd get back where hopefully I'd have caught a fish or two. Plenty of species turned up at the last visit and I was hoping for a few more to tick off the list. 

Later on in the week despite the wife and kids up for walking up the Volcano which can be seen above only I managed it. 🌋, they wanted to stay round the pool for some reason !!, but then it was 26 degrees that day, probably a wise choice to be honest. It was only a 40 minute walk from the bottom, obviously a lot easier going down, because it was a heart pumper in places.

The fishing well some new species were caught and I'd seen some the biggest mullet I've even seen but failed to catch one. The sea wall on closer inspection was unfishable really, the huge concrete 'Tile Spaces' couldn't really be fished from, to the right of one of them though was this rocky area luckily. 

Most sessions were only an hour or two, it was a family holiday after all, but what a fishing venue the canaries is. It's harder not to catch fish to be honest, the ornate wrasse were incredible looking fish and queuing up in numbers. A size 16 hook and 15mm Isome worm did the business or a small LRF lure on a jig head.

It was the mullet that were frustrating because even freelined bread and feeding in groups somehow avoided being caught. One was easily 70-80cm's a huge fish but obviously it had seen it all. The sea was too rough for float fishing on a couple of the days but a lure was used for a couple of small lizard fish and some rock pooling and inlets with the LRF gear was so much fun. 

Anyway a selection of the fish caught !!

what is this ?

I saw the odd angler but considering how fish filled the seas are here, I had the waters to myself. A couple of observations, using bread on the hook under a float was frustrating, on the surface more so. But so many missed bites and having to redbait.  The Marukyu Isome Sandworm worked wonders and to be honest I needed another couple of packets but they are pricey.

I fancy trying for some much bigger species from the shore next time but that obviously means completely different gear and fishing in to dark which might be a bit more palatable for extending those fishing sessions. The damsel fish were there in one area in numbers but the wrasse always got in on the act first, oh and apart from one day the bream didn't really show in the areas I fished either. 

We'll be back !!!

Well maybe Tenerife next time, got to love the canaries, not so much the daily sun cream. 


  1. I haven't been Tenerife for a while but its a nice place to spend a week or two. The variation of colours on them rock species is incredible.

    1. Last time I went to Tenerife was a lads holiday many moons ago, aim to go back with the family though as we love Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. Prices are rising I've noticed on the canaries, probably supply and demand and all that. But yes, an eye-opener on what will appear on the end of the line when you reel a fish in, something different which is always nice to keep me interested.


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