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Tuesday 6 February 2024

Is your iPhone Top Speaker Kaput ? This could well be a solution, worked for me anyway.

Now if you are like me and regularly drop your phone whilst fishing in all manner of gunk that does it no good, such as river water, groundbait, mud, grass and the juices of sweaty maggots, sometimes that can manifest itself with an issue.

For me it has always been the iPhone's top speaker where all of a sudden when taking a call, the person on the other end of the phone has gone rather quiet and sound like they have had a few too many Zombie cocktails (A behemoth of a cocktail that features three different rums Jamaican, Puerto Rican and 151-proof along with fresh lime juice, for the uninitiated )

Now all manner of scrubbing, brushing and blowing didn't fix it for me, however another method I stumbled upon has come up trumps more than once, so before you ditch the hardware and speak to the bank manager about a remortgage give this a go.

Basically they identified a 165hz tone as the most suitable sound to thoroughly clean the iPhone top speaker. So when combined with a little isopropyl alcohol this is an effective trick to really get all the gunk out of the little mesh at the top of the phone and back to working how it should.


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