Saturday 18 November 2023

Warwickshire Avon - Paddle Bashers and Pneumatophilosophy

Now I had intended to get the trotting gear out and give the chub a go on the float but with rain predicted 'AGAIN' the link ledger quiver tip set-up was loaded in to the car ready for the morning. 

The river was going to rise as the day progressed so the plan was to rove some other swims where I have been catching some nice chub recently. 

I'd had to make up a new batch of cheesepaste as it's all I've been fishing of late and seems to be doing the trick and I've caught some nice chub on the pungent offering. 

To be honest it helps that the river is carrying some colour at the moment as it certainly helps if a bite is to be had. The cheesepaste as well stands out with not just smell but appearance too.

Anyway don't do what I did a while ago and purchase 'Chasing Chevin' why ? 

Well it will only make your PB as inadequate as it did mine, wow what a collection of huge chub. 

Now my PB chub is currently 6lb and 2 ounces from the Warwickshire Avon caught 11 mths ago and I cannot believe how fast time flies because I remember everything about that session like it was yesterday. 

But this chub and the others I caught on the stretch that were over 5lb and yes there were quite a few of them, sadly might have succumbed to a suspected pollution incident that happen around the start of the season. A huge fish kill that sadly not only effect this stretch but other local stretches too.

I'm hoping to make a return visit in the depths of winter to this stretch and I'm hoping a rest is as good as a change and that fish might have migrated there from others areas after the water has recovered.
The reports of the matches on this particular stretch post incident were grim reading I must admit but fingers and toes crossed it's made a recovery.

The chub that used to frequent here were some of the longest chub I'd caught and when a chub reaches >60cm's on the Warwickshire Avon and have been feeding well, catch one you'd be watching those scales like I did with astonishment. 

It took me a while to catch my first 5lb Warwickshire Avon chub, now, well, not rare at all in my experience hence why my target is a 7lb from the area. I've certainly seen them over the summer under my polarised sunglasses but chub this age have seen it all, they are not that easy to catch believe you me. 

The river had dropped quite a bit since I was here last but it was on the rise again so I may well give the barbel a go in the morning. Another two anglers were already on the stretch and beat me to the gate by a couple of minutes as they were just heading down the track to the river.

I managed to get in to the banker swim but there was nothing doing in there whatsoever so I went on the rove to find the fish. It was clear after about 5 or 6 swims though one bite would be a bonus. At the end of the stretch is a nice trottable peg and I regretted not bringing the gear really as the clarity looked just about ok for trotting and it was a nice pace.

I couldn't believe how mild it was and I was overdressed really, especially when roving with the gear in thick mud not exactly easy going. The water temperature was 9.6 degrees too and I would imagine that will rise over the next coming days.

I was running out of swims but returned to one which wasn't exactly a nice swim to fish but within 10 minutes I had a pluck and then a drop back bite, where upon striking I was in to a hard fighting chub that has already made some ground on me. 

A proper battle ensued and it was one of the best dogged fights I've had in a while where at one point I thought I would lose it, because there was a submerged log right by my feet and it was determined to get in to it.  Eventually netted a lovely 4lb on the nose fish and just goes to show how just one bite can make a session. 

That was my lot !!!

One of the other anglers on the stretch was struggling too and he hadn't caught anything but he mentioned that there was a charity canoe race jut about to come through and he was right. Within 5 minutes a constant stream of the webbed foot paddle bashers. Time for the off !!!

Loads of cover removed from the stretch because of one day, nice work fellas !!!

The cheesepaste came to the rescue today, then again it often does 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀


  1. Fished it Monday and Friday ... the overhanging willow completely gone !!! Several other swims look like they've had a tank rolled into them to create damage !!!


    1. No more Baz, loads been removed and when you see them all skirting the far bank you can see why. Some other carnage has happened as well because the farmer removed those huge nets that ended up in the river after the floods.


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