Sunday 26 November 2023

The Tiny River Alne - Moon Halo's and Monochromasy

Considering how many years I have been alive this was the first time I've seen a Moon Halo even though it's not that uncommon apparently. We would have been none the wiser either if it wasn't for a member of our family messaging the Wife to take a look outside. We were in to a movie with a roaring fire and a couple of glasses of wine down so couldn't drive, however our village has hardly any street lights and it was proudly displayed above our neighbours Paul's house with Jupiter putting its thumbs up too.  

We both had seen nothing like it at all, very spooky indeed. Apparently the phenomenon is caused by the refraction of moonlight from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. According to the Met Office, the halo can suggest rainfall might be approaching, and for once they were right because the horrible drizzy misty rain came and continued in the session down the Alne. 

Apparently before the modern days of donkey riders and miracle workers, the old wise ones told us that it was a portent of Doom. Where the shifting point of sunrise would be still and stop moving. The time of the Winter is coming and we must prepare for it. 

Line your homes with boughs and branches of the evergreen trees, to keep in the warm. Burn old and seasoned Yule logs on your fires, as they don't need tending at night and will give warmth, even without flame. Did I just type that !!!

Anyway the Alne was chosen for this mornings couple of hours fishing. A roving session because well it was very cold again. It was actually slightly above freezing when I left the house at 7.30am however the fields were still covered in frost and compared to yesterday a rather dull and dreary day. 

The water temperature has plummeted to just over 5 degrees so chub were the target because well they don't seem to be that bothered by the drop in temperature as much as other fish species for some reason.

Anyway after priming some swims I missed a bite within 15 minutes or so in the first swim and I thought that might have been my lot because after roving around and fishing maybe 6 or 7 swims, not even a nibble on the cheesepaste.

The river was clearing though and in one swim I could see the cheesepaste on the bottom 1m down so I decided to head back to the deeper swims where the one above produced a bite. I had fed some bread slop half an hour before and it didn't take long before a couple of plucks on the tip for it to carry on going. 

I could see the fish from the elevated swim and it looked like what the heck was going in because I don't think it realised it was hooked at first. When it felt the bend in the rod though it went on a mad run where it was trying to get in to the cover to the left, and then again when I turned it right under my feet.  

It was soon in the net though and blank avoided !!! because that's all the action I had. One missed bite and one 2lb chub. The weather as the morning progressed was getting worse with drizzle which when the air temperature is barely above freezing not exactly pleasant so I called time on the session half an hour early. 

Oh and Oppenheimer, don't bother that's 3 hours of my life I won't get back !!! at least the fire was good !!

Budget: 100 million USD Box office: 950.5 million USD 💥💣 Clearly Christopher Nolan knows more than me but apart from the tense Trinity Test scene which was pretty intense I must admit, the movie I'm sure could have been condensed in to 2 hours. Between the moments of vision are hours of dry, over-dramatised dialogue, if you like courtroom dramas' fill your boots. 


  1. hi mick. my thoughts exactly about the film. loved other Nolan films and was looking forward to this. but very very disappointed it.

    1. I did think it might deserve another watch sometime, but I've changed my mind on that to be honest !!


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