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Sunday 19 February 2023

Warwickshire Stour - Finfluencers and Fimicolous

Groundhog Day springs to mind blog readers but with the weather being nice and fair in the morning with the wind almost non-existent, I fancied a roving session on a small river and and among the sheep poo. 

My bread and butter 🍞🧈

So many of them locally are low and clear the Alne, the Arrow the Leam etc, but the Stour not only varies in depth but as I've said before it's almost always carries a lovely tinge of green. 

So bread on the link ledger with the 0.75oz glass tip fitted lets get cracking on some of these lovely swims. Bread mash in the odd swim to prime and flake on the size 6 hook. 

There is plenty to go at these little river where once you have fished them as much as I have over the years it's quiet easy to know where the chub especially are likely to be holding up. 

I arrived at dawn and a bite in the first swim I thought I was on for a good session, but that couldn't have been further from the truth.

As soon as the skies cleared and the sun illuminating the banks swim after swim apart from small fish nibbles the chub were not showing.

 As I headed downstream there are so many swims to go at so I was hoping it would only be a matter of time before I had another fish.

A fast swim that had a slack on the inside just by a tree and a slack a little further downstream over at the far side can be hit and miss, but it was hit for me this morning.

Within a few minutes of the large piece of bread flake being out moving around the swim and suspended off the bottom 6 inches or so, a pluck and then another pluck, the tip pulls round confidently and I'm in to an acrobatic chub.

There was plenty of escape options in this swim and it tried them all, but with 5lb line straight through and from an elevated position I managed to bully it away from the inevitable. 

So two fish down but not exactly prolific....

....after retracing my steps and fishing the odd swim I settled down in the last swim where within seconds I'm getting indications on the tip. When I lifted the bread off the bottom I could feel a jab, jab, jab through the line and in the clear water could see a perch chase the remaining bread that was on the hook. 

I left it for a seconds and sure enough the greedy stripy nabbed it and I reeled in a tiny perch, the blighter. It did make me chuckle 🤣 And that was my lot, a tough'un, but some decent steps covered at least I could enjoy the Sunday Roast later with that extra roast potato and Yorkshire Pudding !!!


  1. Replies
    1. The biggest perch I caught at Centre parcs was caught on corn on the retrieve :)

  2. Replies
    1. it is indeed, not the biggest of fish but bites a plenty


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