Monday 23 May 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.34

Now blog reader Jon knows I want to try and catch a canal carp before the river season opens and he'd put me on to a very urban stretch of canal where he'd been 'bust' up when fishing for other species.

The carp once hooked shot under the boat and in to the reeds before you had a chance to say "Oh FFS !!". Now you know me, any location tips welcome because some of the best fish I've caught have been as I've been pointed in the right direction. 

Now it was only when I took to Google maps where I realised where it was and to be fair I had fished it a few years ago for Zander and I'd not been back since. Why you would want to fish this sort of stretch is beyond me, because let's be honest, there are far nicer areas to fish where the footfall is nothing like it is here.

So an early one was on the cards and whilst the unwashed masses were adding to their bedsores I for some reason got myself out of a warm bed and a couple of large comforting plump pillows to head to a stretch of canal that is largely out of ones comfort zone. !!!

Obviously it was rude not to have a Zander sleeper rod out and being a quick smash and grab session I'd only fish this one swim. So bread on the dedicated carp rod and a small whole roach on my usual overdepth canal Zed set-up. 

An hour and a half with the bread cast here there and everywhere not a sausage. The first half an hour the bait was tight to the boat with some freebies but nought doing despite it looking like a carp or two could be hiding there. The Zander rod as well, nada !!!

So once the waifs, strays and werewolf decided to surface I decided to up-sticks and move up to the chub swim, pack my carp rod away and get the float rod out.

It didn't take long to for the first bite either, not a chub though but a hard fighting hybrid. Not the biggest but at least it wasn't a blank. No more fish in that swim so I decided to head back to the car and fish a reedy area where I'd caught some small Zander from.

And sure enough there will still milling around, in-fact I caught 4 before I got bored and decided to end the session early.

Encouraging signs though as I said before, I don't usually catch them this small and despite their persecution from certain quarters they are still lovely fish to see from a turbid canal. And that was that, another session on the canal ticked off and still quite a few more to go. 


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