Saturday 29 January 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Disco's and Dextrogyratory

With the Jimny equipped with a subwoofer and some additional speakers to boost the lacklustre standard off the assembly like offering it now is equipped with a graphic equaliser from Wish all the way from China. You'd have thought the techno loving Japanese that designed the car would have put their fingers up to the bean counters, but no, out the factory the audio system was woful. 

So with less than a pint of beer this sound activated device mirrors the graphic equalisers I used to have back in the day when there were countless dedicated car audio shops to serve the DIN upgraders. 

The Wife rolled her eyes as expected but hey, this is about as exciting as the Jimny gets on the road and any aid or addition is most welcome. Now it's battery powered and offers various modes and various colours so I'll be moving it around the car to get the best position.

At the minute under the HVAC controls seems perfect, even like it was made for the job. Still with blu-tack doing a good job of supporting it I've plenty of time to mess around with it.

Anyway driving the car back from this session for chub for the money, it really adds some interest to the interior without turning the car interior in to a disco and attracting the attention of the boys in blue.

So simple tactics again for this session cheesepaste and a link ledger set-up. The TFG river and stream rod really is the perfect chub rod for these sort of rivers. A 4lb Chub feels like a 8lb Barbel but the rod takes up the lunges and powerful runs rather well indeed. 

The rod is bent double when the fish get in to the flow and there is something to be said to use balanced tackle for Chub. Such a characteristic fight I admire their scrapping ability.

I only fished for a couple of hours but managed 3 fish all around the 4lb mark. The biggest I weighed and it went 4lb 8 ounces so not one of the monsters that I'm sure do reside here, but still a fantastic fight as always and cheesepaste doing the business again.

That 6lber is there to be caught I'm sure of it, I just need to plug away till it turns up. So an enjoyable session again with 3 nice fish caught and it shows you don't have to spend ages on the river to catch some nice fish.

On to the next one !!!!


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