Saturday 15 January 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Breedbates and Breathalysers

A couple of weeks down without a drop of the moonshine since the Xmas and New Year overindulgence ones resting heat rate has returned to that of a racing snake, a retired athlete. Not only is the bank balance looking a little healthier, ones sleep is much improved too.

Those 5 hours I usually get are now more like 6 or 7 and I'm getting off to sleep much fast too. Shall I continue it on come February ?, errrrrr probably not but having abstained from alcohol for quite a few years in January, its one of those traditions I think I will continue on with. 

To be honest the alcohol free offering these days ain't bad which helps as a weekend palate pleaser. The Guinness 0% is had to come by, but in a blind test I doubt if many could tell the difference. 

Recent start-up companies such as Big Drop and the like, that's all they do. 

So even you're the unfortunate designated driver you can still partake in the stout pleasantries without the fear of a bobby reaching for his breathalyser.

My liver is thanking me anyway, but lets be honest it won't be long before it will need to get active again.

If only the wine offerings could be improved rather then all just ending up down the plughole, there is a gap in the market right there as I've never tried a good one. 

Now as per usual I didn't have much time for fishing but for this morning session I was back down the syndicate stretch of the Warwickshire Avon to try and catch a predator. 

You see there are some good shoals of dace here come winter time and I've not really given the predators a good go If I'm honest. Predators thrive on neglect and there could well be a decent pike to be had here that otherwise would remain undisturbed.  So a full on pike approach, two rods positioned in slacks at the start of the stretch with smelt on one rod, and roach on the other.

Smelt is my default pike bait they jus seem to love it and when they are still frozen they float for a while before defrosting and settling on the river bed.

The depth varies quite a bit here where the norm it is 5 or 6 foot with shallower areas and also on the far size over 10 foot. That's why it throws up some quality fish I'm sure, from big bream, carp, chub and the odd barbel. 

Anyway to the fishing a lovely winter scene greeted me and as I was walking upstream to the start of the stretch where I'd set my stall out I noticed a stag in the next field looking at me intently.

It would have made a cracking picture however by the time I rifled through my bag to get the super zoom camera it had other ideas and bolted off out of sight. The fishing here can be tough but often just being there is enough for me. It's a haven for wildlife and its always nice to just sit and watch sometimes to see what else calls this area their home.

There were a few small fish topping and despite a cormorant I disturbed feeding downstream it looked good for a bite. The river was still carrying a little colour albeit it was clearing fast but an hour in to the prime pike biting time both floats were motionless.

So you know me I went on the rove and dropped in to a few likely looking swims and whilst I was watching the floats I cleared one of the downstream pegs of a fallen tree which had also become overgrown.

I can remember a few good session here trotting the float picking up dace after dace so another session earmarked to add to the numerous I've in the planning stage.

Again nothing doing in the swim and for half an hour and I even tried trotting with a deadbait and also sink and draw. It was clear there was no pike in the area or pike that were not willing to feed. Pike are strange creatures though downstream of here you can almost time the bite with a watch the uncannily  short and in-frequent feeding spells they have. 

So it was back to the starting swim and for the last hour I decided to do what I usually don't do and that is chill out for an hour and watch the world go by.

It was chilly but with the right clothing on and a flask of tea I was toasty warm, it was just a shame that the fish were not playing ball so a blank. To be honest not unexpected as I've been doing ok of late but there are some untapped monsters here I'm sure of it so watch this space. 


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