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Monday 8 November 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Thrill Seekers and Throttlebottoms

A nice start to the evening proceedings, one of my favourite curries, now a chicken rendang, or rendang ayam is an Indonesian dry curry that's loaded with tender chicken simmered with a spice paste and coconut milk until there's almost no sauce left. The paste is made from shallots, ginger, garlic, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf, and errrr, that's about it. 

The balance and depth of flavours of rendang is really remarkable considering it doesn’t contain all that many ingredients, but it does have one major drawback, I always have to tone the heat factor down a little for the Wife, luckily the rather pungent birds eye chilli coming to the rescue. 

Now the local pubs bonfire and fireworks thankfully would take place this year because it's a nice friendly village get together that doesn't happen very often. A sensory overload for sure and especially for Ben with autism and special need he shouldn't deal with it like he does. All very odd for sure, but for Ben rollercoaster cannot be fast enough and the fireworks cannot be loud enough. 

The fire luckily wasn't as wayward as the last time he took place here, but the wind did certainly make it interesting, the fireworks well, considering they were free, top notch with Ben wiggling his comfort worm in unison, his enjoyment all to see. 

His best day ever was the following day however where the Wife would take Ben to Alton Towers for the day for the fireworks and also to ride all the rollercoasters in the dark before the park closes for the winter. 

He loves all the big rollercoasters too from the superfast Rita to the disorientating Smilier, the vertical drop Oblivion and his favourite the Wicker Man. 

Sam well, the runaway mine train is about his lot, so what were me and Sam to do ?

To be honest I didn't have much choice in it, "Daddy can we go fishing in the morning, then go and have an English breakfast for lunch, watch Boss Baby 2 Family Business in the posh cinema with sofas, and then can we go for a Chinessssssssssssseeeeeee !!!"

"Not out usual Sunday but yeah, lets do that then"

I should have checked the cost of the Everyman first, before saying yes, Jesus I know they are probably trying to claw back some money when they were forced to close, but wow, for the outlay I was expecting to be given a copy of the movie afterwards signed by the cast and crew. 

The Avon has dropped considerably and the colour dropping out fast but with Sam's chosen venue good for a few bites on the float, and the outside chance of a Zander for me on the deadbait rod it marked the start of a good day.

Sam has been using his whip of late but he wanted to bring his float rod along as he wanted some casting practice so the first swim we chose was wider than the norm on this stretch and no real trees overhead to get caught in.

To be honest the bites were not a prolific as we hoped with the river still littered with leaves and the first swim was still swirling like a good-un in places and the flow seemed to vary considerably throughout out time there.

Sam seemed to love the float getting caught up in a whirlpool though, " Weeeeeeee !!!!!!" Still some fish succumbed to the maggots with perch being the predominant species. The gudgeon didn't show oddly, but at least the perch put on a good show.

We fished 3 swims and the deadbait rod didn't have any action whatsoever. Even some sink and draw of the small roach didn't spark any interest from perch or pike, let alone the zander.

Now Sam when he gets bored goes on the wander and when he starts climbing trees its time to make tracks. So the session was caught short by half an hour because of the lack of action, a few bites though and we do enjoy our time together bankside especially when the kingfisher was particularly active. 


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