Wednesday 17 November 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Poison Darts and Podobromhydrosis

Around 2.5 billion people around the world are still cooking with wood, charcoal or dung because they are not connected to a gas grid or cannot cook with electric appliances. Now Kafta Bil Sanieh is as basic as it gets but needs an oven ideally, its a Lebanese Kofte and veg bake that makes an easy, hearty comforting meal that’s full of flavour. 

Part-bake the potatoes firstly and then its basically layered with thickly cut aubergine and a simply made Kofte made from minced meat, onions, parsley, breadcrumbs and spices.  

When its baked with a simple tomato sauce, comfort food for sure, but with 5% mince its certainly weightwatcher friendly and someone in my time of life finds it harder to keep the pounds off. 

Variety is the spice of life, and the chub are no different, as the variety of baits they can be taken on is frankly is huge and likened to an extensive menu from an average American Diner.  Now if you've followed this blog of mine that raspberry mushrooms came up trumps last time I tried something different for Chub, where even a gonk decided it liked the look of the sweet offering. 

Oddly the gammy gums didn't get a look-in but it just goes to show when the chub have seen it all and are plucking and pulling without proper hook-ups its time for a change.

You see here last time the cheesepaste was producing bites but not the proper chub bites we all know and love. They were utterly cautious to the extreme where after some tentative bites, even the tried and tested slack line approach didn't improve matters. So it was out with the jelly frogs and the squidgy gingerbread men. 

The main thing is to get the bait into likely-looking holes and bays, or beneath overhangs which frequently shelter big fish. Once the bait is in position it can be fished with a tight line in fast water, but where the flow permits, other tactics can be employed.

When fishing a tight line it is extremely difficult to decide when to strike. Sometimes the merest touch must be 'hit' and sometimes the angler must patiently avoid touching these and await the really hefty thump which most big chub give when they confidently take the bait, this must be decided as result of experience. 

When the angler finds that striking at small bites fails to hook the fish, or alternatively shows that the fish are small roach or dace, he must turn to the other expedient, but again only through experience can that be attained. 

Now I would fish in to dark again for this short session and with the Avon back to clear again I wasn't expecting much action until the sun had set and the quiver tip would need to illuminated by torchlight.

Here is one of the few spots I can actually fish in to dark on the Warwickshire Avon and with a fellow WBAS syndicate member struggling for bites probably because the resident mink was milling around not far away, here gives me a decent post work option especially when I've caught some nice chub here in the past. 

Big chub wise up to baits that is for certain, well on the waters I fish anyway, they have seen it all don't forget and thinking outside of the box can change those cautious bites to colossal ones Chevin are known for. 

I had some back up offal (pigs heart) to fish in to dark if the treats weren't doing the business, because I've done well on animal offerings in the past such as steak and liver, which for sure are proven chub bankers. 

Method in ones madness ?

Well no bites on the LSD frog, the gingerbread man, well nothing on that either. The river though was lifeless, gin clear as well which doesn't bode well for the Avon. Still dusk came and went and I thought I'd start getting bites.

But n, even a change to a meat based product, nada. I roved around too, fishing maybe 5 swims altogether one being one I pre-baited with some freebies , there wasn't even any fish topping.

Shining the powerful headtorch in the margins I could see some small perch and dace sulking quietly on the river bed but no big fish showed at all. In a desperate attempt to catch something I put some maggots on to at least get a bite, but not even maggots were not doing the business, maybe my feet smell or something. 

Still at least the sweet tasted good because proper tail between ones legs time when I walked back to the car. The weather is getting, cold very cold. I'm hoping that's the change we need to wake them up a bit. 


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