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Sunday 17 October 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Nephelococcygia and Nestitherapy

A small window of opportunity had to be grasped with two hands....

I love this spur of the minute sessions though, those sessions that actually go to plan for once because you see I fancied a Warwickshire Avon Zander and to cut a long story short I actually caught one !!!! 

Yes really, which after a string of mediocre sessions was most welcome indeed. 

After the fishing in the morning me and the rabble went in to Stratford-Upon-Avon with Sam on his bike and us for a stroll during a pint at the Dirty Duck I still had fishing on my mind.

So when we got back I had a couple of hours before I had to make tracks so I hot footed it to an area that is not only deep but also has some cover. More a trek then Sam would be up for hence why I was here on my tod. 

A dropped run within ten minutes at least there were fish in the swim. I can tell Zander bites though and ten minutes later after messing around with the bait for a while a confident bite ensued.

I tightened up to the size 1 Sakuma 440 circle hook and knew it was hooked nicely after the first run. Zander can fight if they want too and this one didn't like that it was hooked.

And I could see it trying to shake the hook in the clear water. The swim was around 12 or 13 feet deep so Zander are top dog in these sort of areas where it's dark and sluggish. It was eventually landed and I had a lovely looking Zed in the landing net showing off its summer colours. 

How can you not like Zander when they look as good as this one did. Not a massive fish going 6lb on the scales but most welcome all the same. I even left before dusk because one fish would do and I left happy. From door to door in an hour and a half, the Wife hadn't even realised I left. One of these sessions where it did go to plan for once. 


  1. Lovely looking zed - it’s great when these little missions pay off - cracker!

    1. Seem to be doing more short sessions of late Brian, suits me really as not only can I cram in more sessions but it more palatable to the way I like to fish.

  2. Great trip. I still want to catch my first zander, will have to venture south for that.

    1. I'm lucky to be slap bang in Zed country Adam, especially the canals which offer some good sport in the closed season.


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