Wednesday 27 October 2021

Saundersfoot - Dolphins and Diverticulums

Well not for the want of trying we've tried a few different spots now at high tide, mainly from the harbour wall but also at a rocky area with the float. Desperate measures meant we swapped to a small lure from time to time, but we really are struggling for bites.

To be fair the others anglers I've been speaking to as well are also having the same outcome with only the odd dogfish being caught. Still the local pub(s) are well stocked and with the weather about to turn overnight hopefully I'll squeeze one more evening session it. (As I types this I'm 50/50)

The next high tide is 10.30pm so I might as well give it a go. The rain about to hit big time as is the wind. To be fair its been relatively mild given its nearly November but away from the shelter the wind that seems to be on the increase it does feel a little colder than that.

Still thus far a nice break away and who would have thought the same spot as Sam taking a rest from building sandcastles and digging holes we'd spotted some dolphins (This the other buoy to the right of the one in the clip). Sadly crudely filmed on my iPhone 7 but you can see them breaking surface. Well they appear to be dolphins porpoising I cannot think of what else they could be. 

A well deserved break from the CAD machine and unusual for us in walking distance of town. The property is only a 200 metres to the slip and from door to the harbour wall only takes 5 minutes to walk so all very handy, especially when it tucked away and nice and quiet.

So shall I go fishing again, I've still not decided !!! 


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