Friday 23 July 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Cocklofts and Coccydynia

With my back still not 100% I've been wafting around in the recently acquired new plug in hybrid family car in preference over the jumping jiggly Jimny and ok, its the Wife car but for family duties it's going to be ideal especially when there is a respectable range on battery alone.

Enough for a few trips to school and back anyway, as its her daily driver she has already laid out the conditions however....

"You ain't putting your fishing gear in it"

"Well maybe when we use it to go on holiday" "well apart from that, no chance"

I've really been enjoying the Bowers and Wilkins 1400 watt, 19, YES 19 !!!! speaker system this new barge has got installed. 

The tech is a little old now but at the time it was launched the subwoofer design is claimed to be a potential first in the industry (not so sure myself), integrating the speaker into the body of the car rather than containing it in a freestanding box that is bolted to it. 

Pairs of 6.5 and eight-inch woofers help fill out the low end, while it's the ten-inch air-ventilated subwoofer completes the package. For an electronic music lover, those low frequencies are a must to 'feel' the bass.

The approach is said to improve performance at the extreme low end, all the way down to the bottom of the human hearing range around 20 Hz. Even on full whack with one of my Mixcloud bass heavy DJ mixes on there is no distortion whatsoever which is quite incredible really considering the air that is being shifted about. 
The Jimny on the other hand I'm making do with two upgraded speakers and that's my lot and with the volume cranked up on the basic driver the NVH deteriorates to plenty of rattling, tizzing and vibrating. 

The Jimny is 1135kg the X90 T8 is 2,320 kg so twice the weight 😲 and there is your answer right there so there so I'd be wasting my time upgrading the Jimny unless I want exponential distortion I suppose. 

Anyway its the centre tweeter that I'm most impressed with however because it really adds to the soundstage with almost a surround sound feel which is difficult to achieve in an automotive environment.  

Back in the day as a youth though I built a band pass enclosure with a couple of 12 inch drivers driven by a separate amp that sat in the boot of my Metro GTi. Before it was nicked those woofers moved so much air that my mum knew when to put the dinner on the table as I could be heard a mile away. 

The problem was the cars interior strained under the air that was being shifted around the cabin, and apart from the trim panels trying to escape from their mountings not long in to installing the system it cracked the windscreen and needed to be replaced.

Fishing Mick, fishing !!!!

"Won't be long love, just nipping to the shops, need anything ? !!!!"

So with the diminutive £25 quid Advanta Rod River Ambush 5.5 footer and a few bits and pieces sneakily put in the gargantuan boot I'd have about half an hour or so to winkle out a chub in this pacey section of the Warwickshire Avon. They were wising up to my tactics here last time though but having not fished it for well over a week or so, I was hoping before the Wife wondered was I was taking so long in the supermarket, I'd try to winkle one out to at least get a much needed bend in the rod. 

The good thing is, is that the swim is handy so its a mere hop skip and a jump to get riverside where usually in the first swim with an overhanging tree there is a few fish holding up. In all attempts thus far slow sinking bread did the trick and and it can be seen slowly falling through the water column to a chub in waiting where it disappears from view.

To cut a long story short I could only see a couple of chub when I looked over the bridge which is odd because there is usually a group of them here, Either under the overhanging tree or holding station in the pool swim.

Still after sinking bread was ignored this time yes really I did managed one fish off the top after a few attempts. I'd bumped it off a couple of times too so I surprised it came back for more as it felt the point of the hook. My back is certainly on the mend and someone who earns money sat on ones backside I need to get more mobile as I felt much better after it despite only being a half-hour detour from the reason why I was out. 


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