Saturday 6 February 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Kinesthesia and Kyriolexy

As an angler the journey in to the heart of nature is a by-product of the pastime, seasons come and go, the weather endured, the weather enjoyed, the weather embraced all in the pursuit of catching fish.

It was whiteout at this short dawn session at the Warwickshire Avon where a fish would be nice, but the winter scene was one of those that would be enjoyed by the wildlife and I. 

The river was on the rise, the temperature dropping from when I fished it 13 hours or so earlier. The ground so saturated any rain whatsoever ends up in the river and adds to the quagmire that we have to deal with often at this time of year.

As expected I had the whole stretch to myself so would fish a few swims to try and tempt a barbel, or even a chub would be nice.

A chunk of meat on one rod and a lobworm on the other and the upstream rod was stuffed tightly packed with some pungent spicy meat groundbait.

The first swim offered the fish some solitude away from the turbulent flow but after an hour and a half the only sign of fish was the nibble marks on the spam offering when it was retrieved from the gravel bottom where it had settled with a satisfying donk.

The last Barbel I had banked a roving distance from here was caught when I made the change to lobworm, but even that rod was motionless.

Odd because the swim is usually productive whatever the weather conditions, I've caught all manner of species from it in the past including some decent Chub and Barbel as well as Pike, Dace and Roach.

I had other swims to fish though at the middle of the club stretch so it was on to the next but one peg. This was a swim with so decent flow but it nice and steady not turbulent and boiling like much of the Avon was.

Again after an hour after getting the baits out not even an indication on the rod tip from anything bigger than a minnow.

The last swim was where a local brook joins and offered not just steady pace water again but also a swim where the whole width for a good 50 yards or so is just gravel.

If a Barbel was going to feed it would be here but sadly the rod tips remained motionless in this swim too, to be fair I knew it would be tough conditions with any fish a bonus, but the lack of activity was surprising and sadly led on to another blank.


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